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Hand Crank Radio

Comfortable hand-crank for easy power 

Sturdy and durable, ready for any weather

A dependable signal, always at hand

Prepare for any situation by keeping informed with the hand-crank radio, your essential survival gear. No batteries needed

Safe Guaranteed 

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Select your hand-crank radio today and ensure you're ready for whatever comes your way. With its dependable crank mechanism and multifunctional design, it's not just a tool—it's peace of mind in your pocket.

Stay In Touch, No Matter What

This hand-crank radio is your lifeline during power outages and emergencies. Not only does it keep you up-to-date with weather alerts, but it also revives your phone's battery, ensuring you're never out of reach.

Crank the handle, let the sun do the work, or plug in a cable. You’ve got options to make sure your radio’s always ready to go.

Take It Anywhere

This little radio is tough and light - perfect for your outdoor trips. Rain or shine, it’s built to last. Need help? Hit the SOS alarm. With many ways to charge up, this radio helps you stay calm and prepared for anything.

Power Up Any Way You Want

Reliable Radio: Your Trusty Sidekick in Any Scenario

Stay Ready: Our hand-crank radio keeps you in the know. Turn the handle, and you're set with phone power, weather news, and an SOS button, just in case. It's tough, easy to charge, and perfect for any place you go. Take it along and stay calm, no matter what.

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Hand Crank Radio

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Hand Crank Radio

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Reliable Radio for Readiness and Relief.


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Prebiotics, probiotics and natural occurring enzymes bolster digestion and nutrient absorption for your microbiome.*


Prebiotics, probiotics and natural occurring enzymes bolster digestion and nutrient absorption for your microbiome.*


Prebiotics, probiotics and natural occurring enzymes bolster digestion and nutrient absorption for your microbiome.*

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The Lifesaver in a Storm

We were caught in a hurricane, and this hand-crank radio was our only tie to the outside world. It never failed us, not once. Hearing the comforting voice of the weather broadcaster helped us stay calm until it passed

- Emily S.

Complete package!

Who needs a superhero when you have this radio? My car broke down in the middle of nowhere, my phone died, and this little guy cranked out enough juice to call for help and kept me company with music while I waited. Truly my road trip sidekick!

- Mike L.

Camping Game-Changer

Took this radio on a week-long camping trip. Used the solar panel during the day and the crank at night. It even charged our phones.

- Sarah P.

Sturdy Companion

I remember reading about the resilience of these radios, but nothing prepared me for just how tough it was until I took it on a climbing trip. Dropped from a considerable height, it ended up with nothing more than a scratch. Later that evening, as we sat listening to it crackle to life with weather updates, we were all amazed. I’ve cranked this thing a good hundred times since, and it’s like the Energizer bunny – it just keeps going. Now, I never leave for an adventure without it.

- Greg K.

Family Campfire Favorite

Our family campfire nights always include this radio. It’s perfect for music and dancing under the stars. It’s easy to use and needs no batteries

- The Johnsons

Quiet Comfort

During the week-long power outage, I found solace in the soft, static hum of the hand-crank radio. It became a companion in the eerie stillness of a world without electricity. Each night, as shadows danced across the candlelit walls, I'd wind the crank, bringing the radio to life. Its gentle glow joined the candle's flicker, while the broadcaster’s voice, calm and steady, kept the unsettling quiet at bay. It didn't just keep me connected; it was a comforting whisper in the solitude, a nightly ritual that turned anxious waiting into peaceful vigil.

- Olivia W.

Old School Meets New Need

My grandma gave me this hand-crank radio for emergencies. I rolled my eyes until our power went out during a snowstorm. It charged our phones and kept us updated on storm news. It's old school, but it sure came in handy!

- Rachel T.

A Beacon in the Dark

When the lights went out, and the floodwaters rose, this radio’s light led us to safety. We used it to signal for help, and it saved our lives. It’s more than a radio; it’s a beacon of hope.

- Linda F.


The storm had knocked out our power, and the silence in its wake was oppressive. That's when I turned to the hand-crank radio for solace. Every night, as the darkness enveloped our home, a few cranks would bring it to life - a soft, persistent voice against the backdrop of the storm's aftermath. It wasn't just the practicality of it keeping my phone charged or the updates on the power restoration efforts; it was the companionship. The radio became a nightly ritual, its low hum a lullaby that soothed my restless mind and helped me drift to sleep. Its presence was a reminder that even in the midst of upheaval, some things remained steadfast, reliable... and that comfort could be found in the simple, steady turn of a crank.

- Ronnie S.

Very helpful

I laughed when I got this as a gift, but it was no joke when it kept my family warm and connected during a snowstorm. This radio was our source of news, light, and comfort.

Rachel T.